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Luo Zhongli
Date Of Birth : 1948
Graduate Institutions : Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts
Birthplace : Chongqing

Mr. Luo Zhongli(Born 1948 in ChongQin, China), Mr. Luo graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1981 and became a vice-professor later in 1984. In the same year, Mr. Luo headed to Belgium for further study and back to Sichuan Academy in 1993. Lou is now the dean of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, the dean of China Academy of Contemporary Art, member of the NPC Standing Committee, standing director of the Chinese Artists Association, the vice-president of the Chinese Oil Painting Association, and the president of the ChongQin Artists Association. He was also honorably titled as the most contributed professional in the nation, 1998.

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