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Rose Rock Culture is the only culture group established in China by members of Rockefeller family, it is a multinational, inter-industry, inter-regional and cross-ownership holding company which is located in Beijing, China and its asset administrative agencies are scattered in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and six other major cities in China.

Rose Rock Culture Asia Pacific headquartered located at No.LC06, DRC District, Liangmaqiao Road, Beijing. The major business of Rose Rock Culture includes culture industry investment, fund management, and direct investment. Rose Rock Culture leverages on its resources and expertise, both domestically and internationally, in multiple industries including infrastructure development, aviation, culture, education,medicine, film production and financial sectors.

As the first culture and arts group established by Rose Rock in China, it mainly assists with managing projects, which include: developments of cultural industry parks, culture and art foundations, hotels, management of art museums, international art exhibitions, art-business centers, oil paintings, contemporary arts and other cultural related projects.

The establishment of Rose Rock, has seen to thrive in the Chinese art economic industry, as well as help to build up a characteristic art industry and its investing agencies. It has normalized the international and domestic artists, collectors and resources in the market. It has increased the value of the domestic art industry, at the same time obtaining cultural deposits, pushing forward the collaboration and the understanding in culture and economic ties between China and America. Boosting the influence power of the Chinese artists have on the world market.