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Rose Rock Art Club Established in Beijing – First Exhibition of Cai Zhisong’s Works
October 23,2014


Opening of Rose Rock Art Club

It was on October 22nd, 2014 that Rose Rock Art Club was established in Beijing and chaired by Steven • Rockefeller II, primary representative of the fifth generation for Rockefeller Family and grandson of former U.S. vice president Nelson Rockefeller. Karrison•Rockefeller, representative of Rockefeller Family and managing partner of Rose Rock Culture Group, Long Rui, honorary dean of China National Academy of Painting, Yang Feiyun, dean of China National Academy of Oil Painting, He Jiaying, vice chairman of China Artists Association and dean of China National Academy of Meticulous Painting, Wu Weishan, vice chairman of China Artists Association and curator of National Art Museum of China, Xu Li, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Secretary-General of China Artists Association, Zhang Zikang, deputy curator of National Art Museum of China, Xiong Feng, managing partner and president of Rose Rock Culture Group, attended the activities and delivered a speech. Solo exhibition of renowned sculptor, Cai Zhisong, appeared initially at the opening ceremony and over 30 pieces of sculpture made public. Zhao Shaohua, standing committee of CPPCC, deputy director of Foreign Affairs Committee and former vice minister of Culture, sent congratulations.

representative of Rockefeller family Christian Rockefeller giving opening speech

Christian Rockefeller, the representative of Rockefeller Family and managing partner of Rose Rock Culture Group, attended the opening ceremony and made a speech. He said: “We live in the era of globalization, when the culture, trade and investment happen cross the borders. This further strengthen the dependency between two nations. As globalization is as an important trend of contemporary development and especially in the Internet era, many habits of us have changed, which affected our life and bring new opportunities to the integration, development and innovation of world culture. Today, our team will continue to promote the revival of Oriental culture based on drawing on all the outstanding achievements of human civilization.”

Christian Rockefeller said, for over a century, the Rockefeller family has been closely tied to China; has created the Union Medical College and supported public welfare programs of Chinese Medical Association, Nankai University, Nanjing University, etc.; and has established deep friendship with several generations of leaders of China and Chinese people. Our Rose Rock Culture Group will continue to develop the long tradition of Rockefeller family for developing exchanges and cooperation in China. The newly established Arts Club will focus on the senior people in the culture and art field and collection field; organize club member activities for communication and exchange by integrating excellent collectors and collection data in the industry so as to provide the comprehensive and high-level services for members, especially the professional services provided according to various member demands; and gradually establish the global club high-end membership system so as to make the club the bridge to gather collectors and collections. In addition, the club will also promote the close integration of members in culture and arts field and international collection field, and provide communication and exchange services for members developing cooperative projects in related fields.

Artist Yang Feiyun